Pusher-type single sided reheating furnace

Pusher-type reheating furnace

Application: Heating bloom and billets before the rolling.

The process of Billet movement: The tube slides or rails are paved overhead along the longitudinal direction. The billets are placed on the slides or rails and pushed forward by the pusher. The billets are heated when they move through the different heating zones then rolled outside of the furnace.

Furnace classification:

Combustion mode: regenerative combustion and conventional combustion.

Heating mode: single sided heating and double sided heating.

Advantages: Simple structure, wide application, low investment etc.

Applicable Fuel: Producer gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas of blast furnace and Coke oven, nature gas, heavy oil and various light fuels etc.

Pusher-type single sided reheating furnace

Pusher-type single sided reheating furnace is mainly used for heating billets with the thickness less than 150mm and the production capacity usually less than 30t/h. The advantages include flexible and fast heating. Since there is no water cooling system in the furnace, energy-saving effect is remarkable. Generally, it is suitable for a small rolling mill (annual production capacity is less than 200,000 tons).

(一) Contrast table of billet specifications and reheating furnace parameters

This table is only used as a reference. Detailed parameters will be given according to customers’ requirements.

(二) Furnace classification

Combustion mode: regenerative mode and conventional mode.

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