Energy-saving and environmental protection industrial furnace

This type of industrial furnace mainly transforms partial waste thermal energy into sensible heat of air or gas, thus it can improve furnace thermal efficiency.

Because of the different modes of combustion, the measures of energy-saving are different. Here are two main modes:

1) Energy-saving measure of conventional combustion mode: the pre-heater is set in the flue of furnace, combustion air or gas is preheated to 250-550℃ by pre-heater to participate in combustion. Finally the fume is discharged with a temperature about 400℃.

2) The principle of regenerative combustion mode is shown in the combustion technology introduction. By using regenerative combustion technology, energy consumption can be reduced by 10-30% compared with the conventional combustion mode, and the billets’ oxidation loss and NOX production quantity can be reduced.

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