Walking beam reheating furnace

Walking reheating furnace

Walking heating furnace is a kind of mechanized industrial furnace which depends on special walking mechanism to move steel material in the furnace. The walking beam or walking bottom which loads billet moves in according with rectangle track generally. Such moving mode makes billet progress step by step, and conveys it from the charging end to the discharge end.

Application: heating before preliminary rolling or continuous casting billet rolling.

Billet movement process:The billets are delivered to the charging door by the feeding rollers. According to the different billet size, billets can be delivered to the walking beam inside furnace by pusher or cantilever roller inside furnace. The walking beam or walking bottom which loads billet moves in according with rectangle track generally. Billets are heated when they go through different temperature zones. The heated billets are delivered to outside of furnace by drawer or cantilever roller to be rolled.

Furnace classifications:

Combustion mode: regenerative combustion and conventional combustion.

Heating mode: single sided heating and double sided heating.

Furnace structure: walking bottom and walking beam.


1) The bottom of billet is in touch with the fixed beam and movable beam alternately, billet black marking is smaller, and the heating quality is good.

2) Eliminating the slide scratch caused by pushing, the product quality is good; rate of finished product is high.

3) All the billets can easily be moved outside the furnace, it is helpful for inspection and repair in the furnace; because the distance of the billets can be controlled, it is easy to change steel variety.

4) There is certain interval between billets when they move forward, so billets can be heated on all sides, the heating rate can be improved.

5) Billets can be not arched inside the furnace, therefore furnace length is not strictly limited, the furnace length can be lengthened suitably to increase production capacity.

Fuel: Generator gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas of blast furnace and Coker, nature gas, heavy oil and various light fuels etc.

Walking beam reheating furnace

Walking beam heating furnace is mainly used for heating billet with the thickness more than 120mm and the production capacity usually more than 60t/h. The billets are heated by 4 sides in furnace. It will improve the heating rate and decrease the billets’ resident time in the furnace, and therefore reduce oxidation loss. The degree of automation about this type of the furnace is high, and the production rhythm is flexible and controllable. But the structure of walking beam is complex. It needs to increase more equipments and large maintenance.

This type of furnace is suitable for large production furnace, With the increase in the production capacity, the energy consumption will be gradually reduced, and the advantage is more and more obvious.

(一) Contrast table of billet specifications and heating furnace parameters

This table is only used as a reference. Detailed parameters will be given according to customers’ requirements. Furnace structure.

(二) Furnace classification

Combustion mode: regenerative and conventional.

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