Car-bottom reheating furnace

Car-bottom furnace is a discontinuous & variable temperature furnace. the chamber of a furnace has no segmentation and the furnace temperature varies along with time according to heating process.


1)Heating of weightier steel parts before forging

2)Heat treatment of steel bar, steel tube, steel plate, casting, forging and welding.

3)Baking of refractory material prefabrication

4)Firing of refractory products

Structure characteristic: The furnace bottom is a removable trolley. The trolley is feet outside the furnace before heating. The workpieces must be placed on the special underlay horn. The trolley is pulled into the furnace by a traction device when the workpieces need be heated; the trolley is pulled outside the furnace by a traction device and discharged when the temperature of workpieces achieves the requirement.

Furnace classification:

Heat schedule: heating furnace, heat treatment furnace.

Combustion mode: regenerative and conventional.

Traction device classification: Blunt wheel type, chain type, steel rope type, self-propelled type, trolley traction type etc.

Fuel: Coal-gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas of blast furnace & coker, natural gas, heavy oil and various light fuels etc.

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