Rotary hearth furnace

Rotary hearth furnace is a kind of mechanize continuous furnace which transports the billets on the rotary hearth from the charging port to discharging port by rotating furnace hearth. Rotary hearth furnace includes furnace chamber and rotary hearth.


1) Heating of steel ingot before forging .

2) Heating of tube billets before rolling.

3) Heat treatment of billet.

Furnace classification:

Furnace hearth form: annular furnace, disk furnace.

Heat schedule: heating furnace, heat treatment furnace.

Combustion mode: regenerative and conventional furnace.

Transmission device classification of furnace hearth: Hydraulic and mechanize.


1) Billets heating rate is high in furnace, billets heating temperature is uniform.

2) In the heating process, billets aren’t moved, so the abrasion is less.

3) The charging door and discharging door are in the adjacent position,so it can facilitate mechanization of charging and discharging.

Fuel: Coal-gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas of blast furnace & coker, natural gas, heavy oil and various light fuels etc.

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