Bell-type furnace

Bell-type furnace is a discontinuous & variable temperature furnace, the furnace combustion chamber has no segmentation, the furnace temperature varies along with time according to heating process. The heated workpiece in bell-type is mostly: rolled strips and wires, tied bars and tubes, stacked plates and allotypes whose size is small and form is complex.


1)Bright annealing of workpieces

2)General heat treatment of workpieces

Structure characteristic: Bell-type furnace is composed of external bell, internal bell and furnace stand. Bell-type furnace needs neither furnace door and its lifting mechanism, nor mechanical transmission, so the investment is lower. During the production, generally, many charged furnace stands combine a group to share a external bell (heating bell). After heating process, the external bell is installed on the other furnace stand, in order to start a new heat treatment heating process.

Furnace classification:

Heat schedule: bright annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace.

External bell form: circle and rectangle form.


1)Don’t need various mechanical transmissions, lower investment.

2)Occupation area is small, but production capacity is bigger.

3)Because of good tightness, it can have the protection atmosphere.

Fuel: Coal-gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas of blast furnace & coker, natural gas, electricity and light fuel etc.

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