Roller hearth furnace

Roller hearth furnace is used for heat treatment of steel plate, steel pipe, section steel and wire. The workpieces are placed on the roller; they are heated at the same time they move through various heating zones by rotating of the roller. Generally, it is heated by gas directly. It can also be heated by radiant tube indirectly and the protective gas is filled with the chamber of furnace.

Application: Roller hearth is widely applied in annealing, normalizing, hardening and tempering, quenching and tempering.

Structure characteristics: Rollers are installed with a certain distance along the entire length of the furnace; the workpieces are placed on the roller and marched by rotation of the rollers. The burners can be arranged upon the roller and under the roller.

Roller hearth furnace classification:

Heat schedule: constant temperature furnace, varying temperature furnace.

Operation schedule: continuous operation, oscillating operation.

Heating mode: direct heating mode, indirect heating.


1)The workpieces are heated by two sides, heating rate is high, and temperature is uniform.

2)Mechanize and automation are high.

3)It can connect protection atmosphere.

Fuel: Coal-gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas of blast furnace & coker, natural gas, electricity and light fuel etc.

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