mechanical designer

Job specification: Full time

Work place: Shanghai

Salary: Negotiable

Job description:

1. Assist chief designer to complete the designer work of industrial furnace (for example:pusher-type reheating furnace, walking-type reheating furnace,heat treatment furnace etc.)

2. Assist chief designer to direct installation at worksite after designing work.

3. After project finished, assist chief designer to follow up and solve the problems arising during use.

4. Sorting and filing the related designing materials.


1. Bachelor or above,majorin mechanical design and manufacturingor other related majors are preferred.

2. With over two-year correlative experience. Experienced in working at site or could adapt to long time business trip is preferred.

3. Be skilled in CAD.

4. Passionate, could bear great pressure of work, diligent and have good team cooperation spirit.

Please send your resume and certification materials through post, email and fax to our company or call us directly. The requirements for education background and qualifications are depend on real ability. We will provide a large platform for you to show your ability and realize the value of your life. Fat salary and comprehensive welfare are waiting for you. The specific is negotiable.

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