DCTE was established on Feb. 28th, 2006.
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On February 28th, 2006, Shanghai Dingcan Thermal Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.( DCTE ) was established.

DCTE is a comprehensive engineering technology company with the industrial furnace as the core business, mainly undertakes a variety of engineering of energy-saving industrial furnace and coal-gasifier furnace of the iron-steel and nonferrous metal enterprises, such as the engineering of pusher-type reheating furnace, walking-type reheating furnace, rotary hearth furnace applied in steel rolling, the engineering of roller bottom type heat treatment furnace, rotary bottom type heat treatment furnace applied in heat treatment process, the engineering of car-bottom heating furnace and heat treatment furnace applied in forging, the engineering of aluminum melting furnace and magnesium reduction furnace applied in nonferrous metal smelting, the engineering of coal-gasifier furnace applied in various industrial enterprises for gas providing, and a variety of the complete sets engineering of metallurgical equipments for the steel mills to meet the demand of different customers, such as engineering of the entire production line for bar, wire rods, profile steel and so on.

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