Shanghai DingCan Thermal Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd hereinafter referred to as DCTE is a comprehensive enterprise which mainly engages in r&d and promotion of industrial energy saving and emission reduction technology and raw material import and export trade. The company was established in 2006.

 Our main business

 一、Engineering and related products

DCTE mainly undertakes all kinds of energy-saving industrial furnace project of metallurgy industry. Such as the engineering of pusher-type reheating furnace, walking-type reheating furnace, rotary hearth furnace applied in steel rolling, the engineering of car-bottom heating furnace and heat treatment furnace applied in forging, the engineering of aluminum melting furnace and magnesium reduction furnace applied in nonferrous metal smelting, etc.

DCTE possesses a number of energy-saving, environmental protection technology and products with independent intellectual property rights. By using the regenerative combustion technology and products that DCTE independently developed, the energy consumption of these industrial furnaces can be reduced by 10-30%, and NOx emission can be reduced by 10-50%.

        二、Ceramic material

        DCTE sells high quality ceramic raw materials from all over the world, such as kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, calcium carbonate, wollastonite, halloysite, etc., These products applicable to the production of porcelain, electric porcelain, special ceramics, petroleum, paper, rubber, glass fiber, coating and other industries.

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